How Can Scoliosis Create a Slew of Symptoms?

With scoliosis awareness month in mind, it is fitting to share this story.

More often than not, patients present with symptoms in specific areas of their body that are not the root cause of the problem but rather a consequence of a compensation. Every person is different in the way their body creates compensations. My job is to detect the root of the problem and not fix the symptom.

Fixing the symptom is easy, but it will never go away, it will always come back. So my job as a doctor is to investigate the problem and figure out what is the cause of the severe symptom debilitating the patient's life. In doing so, the patient's condition is more likely to improve.

The story I am about to share with you, is of a 36 year old female patient that was experiencing severe neck pain, with debilitating migraines, face pain, and very sensitive burning pain in her upper thoracic.

The best part about this patient was her commitment to her health and well-being.

As I started to investigate the root of her problems. I found that her neck presented as a S-curve, rather than a C-curve and found her head tilting away from her neck. She had two curves in her thoracic spine, one in her upper thoracic and one in her lower thoracic, both above 10 degrees qualifying her to have scoliosis.

Where did she get this from: More than likely a childhood accident, and the auto-accident she had a couple of years ago.

See Images below: It is evident that she has a scoliosis in her upper thoracic of 16.8 degrees - primary curve, and one in her lower thoracic of 12.4 degrees that is the secondary or compensation curve. These both contribute to the instability of the neck shown above.

Viewing these images, can bring light to the fact that she has very little structural integrity in her spine. - If the wolf were to blow this piggy's house, it would definitely blow away. I put this analogy to reflect that the spine is the foundation of our body.

Thee body sends pain signals (fire alarm) to alert us that something is wrong, and if the signal get stronger then it means that something is REALLY wrong and shouldn't be ignored. As you can see the intensity of the patient's pain is reflected in the integrity of her spine.

Through her treatment it was evident that the root of her problem was the lack of integrity of her spine.

She often explained it as the "inability to hold her head up, or feeling of head wanting to fall off".

During her first month of treatment she experienced more bad days than good days, but was persistent with her care. After one month we did a re-examination and found the following results! These are Before and After images!

As you can see her curves improved within 1 month of treatment. More emphasis will be placed on her cervical curve in the next couple of months of treatment. The patient feels great, and feels like a new person. She is able to think without clouded judgement, she is able to do gardening and get back to work, focusing on her business.

This is what she has to say:

"One month later I feel like a new person as I have more energy and can turn me neck without it causing pain and my back pain is non existent. I know that I still have a few more months in my treatment but after years of seeing different specialist Dr Desai finally found the root of my symptoms." RP

It's amazing how changing your spine can change your life. Idiopathic (Unknown cause) scoliosis has a higher chance of shifting. Find out if you have curves in your spine causing you the pain you have been dealing with for years!!

At Lotus Chiropractic Care we empower our patients to health and well-being!

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