Activator Method

The Activator method is a chiropractic technique that uses a small, hand-held instrument to deliver precise and gentle adjustments to the spine. While using the Activator method, your chiropractic practitioner does not need to make any manual adjustments to the spine. 

This method can help patients who are looking for a gentle and low-force form of chiropractic care. Dr. Desai has offered treatment with the Activator method since 2014 to patients visiting Lotus Chiropractic Care.

How It Works

The adjustment device is called an Activator Adjusting instrument. It is a hand-held, electronic (or spring-loaded older model) tool that is used to make assessments and adjustments in the body. This tool delivers high-velocity, low-force impulses directly to the affected area. 

The high-speed impulses are delivered at such a pace that the body's muscles are unable to tense in response. Thus, there is no resistance to the treatment, which can facilitate the treatment’s effectiveness.

Additionally, the controlled, low level of force applied is localized and does not compromise the joint in any way. There is no bending or twisting action.

The Activator Adjusting instrument helps correct any misaligned joints or tissues in a completely “hands-off” and gentle way. There is no twisting or popping involved in the adjustment process. It is, therefore, ideally suited for both adults and children. 

Advantages of the Activator Method

The Activator method is based on the principles of biomechanics and the understanding that the nervous system controls the function of all body tissues.

Research has shown that the Activator Method is an effective approach for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. In addition to its efficacy, patients often find the technique to be quick and comfortable, with minimal discomfort or side effects.

Here are some additional benefits of the Activator method.

Instrument-based Adjustment

The Activator organization has completed detailed studies and research on the level of force required to move each vertebra in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Each level setting on the Activator Adjusting instrument represents a specific level of force, making it easy for your practitioner to change the levels as necessary during the treatment. 

The instrument makes a clicking sound as the impulse is discharged into the patient’s body.

Gentle Adjustments

The Activator method is gentle for both the doctor and the patient. The patient stays stable as the doctor performs the adjustment. There is no torquing or twisting of the patient's body during the procedure. Instead, the impulses from the instrument gently guide the joints to their natural position and reduce pain and tension.

The process allows patients to be completely relaxed during treatment as their muscles are completely slack and easy throughout the process.

Precise, Thorough, and Consistent Adjustments

The Activator method is a precise technique as it incorporates a unique analysis for each area of the spine. 

The patient’s pattern of misalignment can be determined by an assessment procedure that is part of the Activator method. For this, a leg-length analysis is performed, along with testing neurological reflexes to determine where adjustments may be needed.

The analysis assists the doctor by taking any guesswork out of the process. It helps determine the exact level of misalignment and how the bones have shifted - to the right or left side, up or down, or shows if the bones are locked up. The analysis also goes into great detail while measuring extremities and rib misalignment.

The Activator method is thorough in its assessment of how misalignments are interconnected through the body. The patient gets a complete body analysis and receives adjustments in specific areas where misalignments are identified. Patient progress is easy to track between visits due to the consistency of the assessment and treatment.

Activator Method Qualification

Even though access to the Activator Adjustment instrument is easy, not all chiropractors who have the instrument may be fully qualified to use it properly. When you look for a practitioner of the Activator method, it is important to confirm that your chiropractor has undergone the Activator Methods International (AMI) certification program. Dr. Tanvi Desai holds an AMI certification. 

The program provides chiropractors with extensive training and the latest research on the Activator technique of care. Knowing how to use the Activator method means knowing where, how, and if to use it with patients. Oftentimes, patients may think they have had an Activator experience, but the qualification of the chiropractor may not meet the requirement.

At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dr. Tanvi Desai has undergone extensive training and certification for the Activator method. She also prioritizes staying abreast of all updates for the latest techniques and developments within the Activator method.

Activator Method Practitioner in Dunwoody, Georgia

Dr. Desai is a practitioner of the Activator method with extensive training and experience in caring for patients with cervical spine misalignment. She uses the Activator method to make precise and gentle adjustments to help with your musculoskeletal conditions.

Are you looking for an effective, non-invasive, and safe form of chiropractic care in Dunwoody, Georgia

Learn if the Activator method may be right for you by contacting Lotus Chiropractic Care today. Call us at (470) 719-9539 or request an appointment online.

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