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  • I arrived with lots of neck pain and one leg longer than the other which was actually hip misalignment. As a cancer patient and having osteoporosis in my lower spine I was drawn to Dr Desai because she is a Nucca practitioner, a technique that is gentler for those of us with cervical/ neck issues. Dr Desai’s technique is so gentle that it truly amazes me how effective it is and how quickly I responded. It has taken repeated sessions for my spine to “remember” and stay aligned. I have used chiropractic over the years and was aware that it is a process that takes several weeks but is worth it. Dr Desai presented me with a treatment plan with an estimate of cost; Medicare has paid a large percentage for the adjustments. I can honestly say it is well worth it! I had done a lot of physical therapy for painful trigger points in my shoulders and constant neck pain/stiffness I rarely have any pain now and when I do it is much milder. Dr Desai is a gifted practitioner with good communication skills. I highly recommend her if you seek pain relief from chiropractic care but need a gentle approach.

    Anne Parke
  • Dr Desai is a game changer! There are many forms of Chiropractic and this gentle form of manipulation is an amazing way to refocus not only your spinal alignment but your neurological well being. You can feel the changes happening after each adjustment!

    Eileen Wallin
  • Dr. Desai takes time to understand patient concerns and makes sure she addresses them at each visit. She had helped my daughter with scoliosis, tremendously. Dr. Desai truly cares about her patients. We love her and we highly recommend her.

    Catherine Smith
  • I was referred to Dr. Desai by my hairstylist who had suffered for years with an undiagnosed bulging disk in her neck that was causing her severe symptoms. After hearing about her experience with Lotus Chiropractic I scheduled an appointment while the color was still processing on my hair. I have suffered with equilibrium problems and constant migraines for over twenty years and that is almost half of my life. I’ve been to Ear Nose & Throat Doctors, Neurosurgeons, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Hormonal Specialists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, had multiple MRIs, and was tested for Multiple Sclerosis. Nobody was able to pinpoint the root of my imbalance, neurological symptoms and frequent migraines. Upon meeting Dr. Desai, I knew I was in the presence of a kind, compassionate, intuitive, and extremely intelligent individual and I felt hopeful again. She did thorough investigating into my entire medical history, studied my previous MRIs, listened intently, took x-rays, measurements and calculations of my spine and came up with a plan. Her gentle approach has transformed my posture, my mood, my equilibrium and my migraines. I feel like the reset button has been pushed on my body and everything is coming into alignment and working so much better! I’m so grateful that I was told about Dr. Desai.

    Bree Hilliard
  • Omgsh I would show my x-rays if I didn’t think that my Social Security was on there but this lady is a superwoman. Literally with super powers, I was thinking, in order to get my back realigned I would had to go to Thailand/China but I am blessed to have it came here with the angels all around me w/ Grace having Dr. Desai presence is being what I can have tangible, well worth the money for the mental clarity I now have. I appreciate her more than she knows and I try to show that by following her instructions and direction as far as aftercare work. On another note the office is amazing staff is dopetacular and I’m always gonna come back for every child that I have.

    Ms. Sampson
  • We love Dr Desai!! My husband and son are her patients as well. The nucca chiropractic method that Dr Desai uses is very gentle and has been the only method that has given us results! Dr Desai is a great listener and takes her time to make sure you leave each appointment feeling better than when you arrived!

    Shannon Rice
  • Dr. Desai's approach is comprehensive. After a thorough evaluation, she presented an overall plan to get me pain free. After my first adjustment, I noticed a difference. It took a couple of months for my issues to fully resolve, but they have!. She was patient and committed to my recovery. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone struggling with joint pain.

    Carolyn Pleiss

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