Meditation: Key to a Healthy Mind and Mindset

I am extremely passionate about this subject; it is so fitting it is my first blog. My meditation journey started in 2008 (when I was in college) after I read an inspiring book called, “A New Earth – Awakening your Life’s Purpose”. The book spoke to me so strongly, it transformed the way I viewed the world as I turned the pages. It was an eye opener about what life is and isn’t about. Soon after, I started doing a breathing exercise called Pranayama, which incorporated a meditation at the end. The breathing exercise supported the meditative state in bringing more peace within, and thus my journey began!

Looking back ten years ago now, meditations were not readily available to me, so I used to sit and try my best to shut my mind. IT WORKED… kind of! I was feeling emotionally lighter, sleeping better through the nights, and I was no longer going crying to sleep – it was truly life-changing. Also, I noticed that I started to become more positive – at least I thought I was. However, my actions were still not in sync with the intentions I set during the meditations, I still had bouts of anger and was constantly complaining about things I felt were outside of my control. However, I would continue meditating this way, hoping for a change one day.

I JUST couldn’t control my mind and emotions.

I truly believed I was a positive person with a strong faith that life would always work out, but in reality it was far from that. I didn’t realize this until my loved ones pointed out how negative and pessimistic my mindset was (the truth always hurts). It wasn’t until last year that I truly decided to listen to my loved ones and started meditating again! I would sit in meditation for 2 hours at a time, digging deep into my wounds. This time I wanted to change my meditation practice, so I did some research and tried different methods to determine what type of meditations worked better for me.

It wasn’t until I heard best-selling author and behavioral expert Marisa Peer talk about “I am enough” and her Rapid Transformational Therapy that I learned how people can create mental blocks within themselves. My meditations started to improve and get very interesting. Instead of trying to shut my thoughts, I started to ask myself questions about events that created mental blocks in my subconscious mind. As I asked myself questions, I trusted the voice within. It was so much fun because I realized that the silliest experiences from my past were creating most of my mental blocks. As I faced and understood them, most of my problems quickly vanished. I finally felt like I had unlocked my meditation potential! And do you know what I did next?

I stopped meditating, Again!

But, 4 months later, I picked up mediation once again. This time, I did it five days a week for at least an hour and haven’t stopped since. It’s amazing once you can access the “zone” or “flow.” I have even expanded my meditation horizons to try live meditations. I highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s live meditation because it helped me change my subconscious beliefs and have immense gratitude for life that ultimately shaped decisions during a pivotal point of my life – including the re-opening of Lotus Chiropractic Care.

Even today, I still have moments of fear, anxiety, doubtfulness but, I now know how to deal with those emotions. Meditation is a compass for life, it helps you navigate life. It gives the peace of mind we all desire and brings awareness to the root of the issue. This is why meditation goes hand-in-hand with chiropractic as we also focus on getting to the root cause of the issue.

I truly believe that meditation is key for a healthier mind and mindset. Everyone’s journey is different, and what worked for me may not work for you, but keep going, don’t stop. Remember, meditation is a journey with endless possibilities. Ironically, that’s life too!

Here is a list for you to dabble into:

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